Holidaze... Dolled Up & Velvet Victories

"It's beginning to look a like..." cocktails, cooler weather, football playoffs, holiday parties & much more. This holiday season is filled with velvet, cold shoulders, ruffles... & bows aren't just for the presents. Feel cozy & polished all season long. One perk for new party wear? Get when you give this season, donate a new doll & receive 20% off your full price purchase now through December 19th. Getting dolled up just got more fun! 


Suitcase Simplicity

Hate packing? Hate unpacking? Can't decide what to take on your summer vacay? The last thing you want to pack is dread and stress in your suitcase. You've looked forward to your vacation, a break from the anxiety of day to day life, but you only have half of your 'necessities' in the trunk before it becomes a complete Tetris puzzle. Ditch the overload and keep things as simple as possible. When did packing for a week at the beach turn into a need for European luggage? Think of your last trip, how much extra "stuff" did you take that you never used? Those curlers, 3 pairs of wedges bc you couldn't decide on a color...  Realistically, you will wear a swimsuit or your go-to cozy tshirt dress a majority of the time (probably together), so save yourself the hassle and embrace a nomad lifestyle for the week. The salt life takes over and your sun kissed checks go from the beach to the causal tiki deck for dinner with a breeze of a cover up. Don't worry, your instagrams will still look like causal perfection with the tropical backdrops and sunglasses saving the day so you don't need any of that pesky makeup. A couple key items and you will be able to "make do" with any situation that arises. Below are some of our favorites to throw in a bag and go! As an avid over-packer, I understand it's a challenge, but throwing that duffel in your backseat and jetting off into the sunset is a freeing feeling that won't have you looking back! 

 Olive Linen Shift Dress, Comfy Joggers for Pajamas/Lounging, V-Neck Black Swimsuit, 'The Journey' Headband, Long Gold Necklace (to dress up tshirt & shorts or dress), Black & White Striped Tee, Black Scalloped Shorts, Kelly Wynne Crossbody, Twine & Twig Bracelet Stacks, 'Best Day Ever' Sweatshirt.... Don't forget your flip flops & sunnies!

Olive Linen Shift Dress, Comfy Joggers for Pajamas/Lounging, V-Neck Black Swimsuit, 'The Journey' Headband, Long Gold Necklace (to dress up tshirt & shorts or dress), Black & White Striped Tee, Black Scalloped Shorts, Kelly Wynne Crossbody, Twine & Twig Bracelet Stacks, 'Best Day Ever' Sweatshirt.... Don't forget your flip flops & sunnies!

Green Fountains & Festivities

Savannah has officially turned GREEN! The fountains are flowing & the Stopover Bands are playing. Are you are still looking for your perfect St. Patrick's look? Whether you are going for a casual comfortable style or dressing up for brunch with the in-laws, we've got you covered. Hope the luck of the Irish helps you secure a good spot on the parade route and maybe a green beverage!  

XOXO . . . Valentine's Day

Dear Diary, 

I am so excited for Valentine's Day this year, even though my cats are ahead of me in the gift/treats department (I can't blame them, they're adorable)! I've been living up the holiday via wine nights with friends & maybe a chocolate or two... & a new candle scent to accompany my bubble baths! While I'm sure I will dress up for a dinner date out, I do love the comfort of my good hyouman casual pieces. The positive sayings and soft materials always make me smile! Wait- it looks like another marathon of old-school romantic comedies is coming on, so I've got to run... Hope your Valentine's Day is special and filled with love no matter how you celebrate!



Holiday Spirit

Shimmer & Shine this holiday season with bold colors & textures. Step outside of the little black dress and heat up the holiday in warm jewel tones. Bonus for those last minute soirees? All holiday clothing is 30% off starting Saturday, December 17th through the 31st! 

Need a last minute holiday gift? Lots of new arrivals from good hYOUman just arrived, plus we've got lots of scarves, candles & Hanky Panky's that will leave everyone tying to grab YOUR gift at the office exchange. 

Have a tough lady to shop for on your list? Our MadeintheDeepSouth one-of-a-kind cuffs feature up-cycled vintage elements, creating a unique look for each piece. A style she definitely won't already have in her closet... even if she is the girl who has everything!


Shopping local has never been easier! Thanks to the Small Business Chamber & City of Savannah for helping organize/promote this year's annual shopping day. We are excited to be part of the small business community, as well as the trademark Saturday event. Find lots of details available at the Savannah Small Business Chamber's Facebook Page (listed below). We look forward to visiting with everyone tomorrow! Join us for 30% off all full price merchandise and a free gift bag with every purchase (while supplies last)

THANK YOU to all those working hard to support our local small businesses! 



Gift Guides & Gravy

While it still seems too warm to be November... Time is ticking. Thanksgiving and the holiday season are right around the corner. While we aren't quite ready for sugarplums or candy canes, we are excited to begin the wardrobe process and help customers find their perfect Thanksgiving & holiday photo looks. We are also getting in TONS of great gift items for you to scope out & cross a few of those tough to shop for ladies off your list.  

Cuff Care

We are so incredibly thrilled to announce we are now carrying local Savannahian Tatiana Cabral Smith's Signature Cuffs! The stamped cuffs feature sayings including: 912, SAV, Namaste and IX.I.II (roman numerals of 912), they make the perfect addition to your arm-or. She also creates a simple thin brass cuff that can be worn with other pieces or solo. Brass is her main medium of choice, so her jewelry will get more unique with age & wear based on each individual's chemical composition. While this all sounds very science-y, there are a few simple tips she recommends in caring for your new favorite pieces. 


Over time, brass and bronze can get dark or dull. It's super easy to polish your pieces up at home, using all natural products. All you need to shine up your brass jewelry is lemon, baking soda and salt. Try these tricks to shine your pieces:

1. Cut a slice of lemon and sprinkle salt on it. Rub the lemon slice over your piece, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
2. For tougher tarnish, make a paste from baking soda, lemon and water. Use an old toothbrush, cloth or any soft bristle brush to apply the paste. Brush, rinse and dry. 
3. If you're looking for something quick, instant and portable, use a treated polishing cloth.

Custom sayings, initials, dates are available through Tatiana's website listed below.

Use code MIDGE for 20% off your order!


'Why are these jeans so expensive?'

Denim prices are always a major topic of conversation in the shop. I, myself, had a bit of sticker shock years ago when I first started selling some of the high end brands for another boutique. What it really comes down to is quality. You can have multiple pairs of less expensive jeans OR you can invest in what will become your favorite pair. Some customers describe jean shopping as painful as bathing suits... and it doesn't have to be that way. When you don a pair of carefully manufactured denim, you can feel the difference. The first thing customers notice is how incredibly soft the fabric feels, the most common statement I hear is "These are SO comfortable!". Loving how they look and feel is important, if you don't feel good in them you won't wear them. An important rule for all clothing shopping, even if it is a good deal, if an item doesn't make you feel amazing, then it isn't worth it. Find the pair of jeans that make you feel like you can conquer the world. A pair you love having in your arsenal. 

And, of course, denim made in the U.S. is a major factor in the price. Since the denim is not only sewn here, it has been distressed/'vintage washed'; a lot of tender, love, and care have gone into that pair of jeans that will ensure those distressed marks hit at the exact right spot. The right denim is an staple investment piece in your closet. Something to be looked at as a wardrobe staple you will wear for the next few years.  

Midge sells AG's because they really do their homework when it comes to making a jean comfortable and livable. Known for fitting all body types, not just the statuesque model, they are known to work well with curves. Their fabrics are extremely soft, utilizing the "vintage" wash concept that will age the denim for you... unlike the olden days, you don't have to break them in yourself. The compositions will vary, some will have more stretch appeal, while others will feel more like a classic denim. AG also introduced a signature revolutionary fabric called Contour 360, which is described below. This state of the art fabric has spring boarded campaigns for yogis and ballerinas alike, demonstrating the extreme flexibility, while also maintaining the shape of the denim for many wears to come. 

"AG has revolutionized denim with their exclusive Contour 360 fabric, a perfect blend of timeless aesthetic and full-motion stretch. Crafted using the world’s most innovative textile technology, this material honors the body with an unlimited range of movement and flexibility. Recovery of nearly 90 percent in both directions ensures a silhouette that retains impeccable form."

To understand the value, you really have to try a pair on. Disclaimer: your go to yoga pants might get jealous. We are loaded up with lots of new styles for fall, including a pair of the signature Contour 360 collection. We are here to help you find the perfect denim investment for your lifestyle. 

Fall Fashion in the South...

Fall is fast approaching and brings with it all the promises of autumn; football games, pumpkin spice lattes & um... crisp weather? Dressing for fall in the south can be a challenge. You want to enjoy the season and feel 'festive' but not overdone. Typically our weather is forgiving and you may not feel a chill in the air until mid-October...if then. Finding fall colors in light-weight materials is key. You want to celebrate the season, but not look as if you are overheating. Some of our favorite ways to style southern fall looks are: throwing a vest on over a simple short sleeved tee or trying out a new autumn shade of nail polish at your next mani/pedi. These can be simple ways to embrace the beginning of the season without too much sweat(ers).

*And don't forget your pumpkin spiced latte. 


 Rust Tailored Vest by Waverly Grey $202

Rust Tailored Vest by Waverly Grey $202

 OPI's Fall 2016 Collection for a little nail polish inspiration... more details by Peachy Polish below!  https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/peachy-polish-4324593/opi-fall-2016-washington-dc-collection-swatches-5013704333

OPI's Fall 2016 Collection for a little nail polish inspiration... more details by Peachy Polish below!


No Tax Wkd...

Enjoy No Tax All Weekend! Don't worry if your item doesn't qualify, Midge will pick up the tax for you. When going back to school involves game day dresses and sorority rush must-haves, we feel Tax Free Wkd should reflect that. Let us help get you school polished... 

Rush Must-Haves...

It's one of my favorite times of year... RUSH SEASON! Or as it is commonly called these days, Recruitment. As a former, Ole Miss Sorority Girl, I've been through my fair share of "recruitments". Rush is one of the most fun times of sorority life. Filled with excitement, pink lemonade & some serious fashion. While finding the perfect outfit is on every girl's checklist, the most important part is to be yourself and wear something that you feel comfortable in! One Tip: Going in with an open mind is important, even if you were destined for a certain letters, I would recommend not making ALL of your dresses their signature color...just in case you change your mind.

We've got lots of beautiful pieces that will make the perfect compliment to Skit & Preference Round... and maybe a few football games or two. Even if you just want to talk sororities, recommendations or nerves, always feel free to stop by and say hello! 


Prints, Polka Dots & Pip

Hope everyone is staying cool with the hot weather outside! We are in full swing of our summer sale with lots of cute pieces just added. We are also getting in lots of new styles that will transition you into fall... one of the most eye catching is this polka dot print dress by Weston! Among the prints & patterns, you may see a little grey face pop out from behind the polka dot curtain. Pip is a sweet kitten that looks to be about 4 months old. In true girly form, she played hard to get in a downtown parking lot for the last few weeks but we are happy she is safe and well fed... you'll have to tell her hello the next time you visit!