Cuff Care

We are so incredibly thrilled to announce we are now carrying local Savannahian Tatiana Cabral Smith's Signature Cuffs! The stamped cuffs feature sayings including: 912, SAV, Namaste and IX.I.II (roman numerals of 912), they make the perfect addition to your arm-or. She also creates a simple thin brass cuff that can be worn with other pieces or solo. Brass is her main medium of choice, so her jewelry will get more unique with age & wear based on each individual's chemical composition. While this all sounds very science-y, there are a few simple tips she recommends in caring for your new favorite pieces. 


Over time, brass and bronze can get dark or dull. It's super easy to polish your pieces up at home, using all natural products. All you need to shine up your brass jewelry is lemon, baking soda and salt. Try these tricks to shine your pieces:

1. Cut a slice of lemon and sprinkle salt on it. Rub the lemon slice over your piece, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
2. For tougher tarnish, make a paste from baking soda, lemon and water. Use an old toothbrush, cloth or any soft bristle brush to apply the paste. Brush, rinse and dry. 
3. If you're looking for something quick, instant and portable, use a treated polishing cloth.

Custom sayings, initials, dates are available through Tatiana's website listed below.

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