Rush Must-Haves...

It's one of my favorite times of year... RUSH SEASON! Or as it is commonly called these days, Recruitment. As a former, Ole Miss Sorority Girl, I've been through my fair share of "recruitments". Rush is one of the most fun times of sorority life. Filled with excitement, pink lemonade & some serious fashion. While finding the perfect outfit is on every girl's checklist, the most important part is to be yourself and wear something that you feel comfortable in! One Tip: Going in with an open mind is important, even if you were destined for a certain letters, I would recommend not making ALL of your dresses their signature color...just in case you change your mind.

We've got lots of beautiful pieces that will make the perfect compliment to Skit & Preference Round... and maybe a few football games or two. Even if you just want to talk sororities, recommendations or nerves, always feel free to stop by and say hello!