'Why are these jeans so expensive?'

Denim prices are always a major topic of conversation in the shop. I, myself, had a bit of sticker shock years ago when I first started selling some of the high end brands for another boutique. What it really comes down to is quality. You can have multiple pairs of less expensive jeans OR you can invest in what will become your favorite pair. Some customers describe jean shopping as painful as bathing suits... and it doesn't have to be that way. When you don a pair of carefully manufactured denim, you can feel the difference. The first thing customers notice is how incredibly soft the fabric feels, the most common statement I hear is "These are SO comfortable!". Loving how they look and feel is important, if you don't feel good in them you won't wear them. An important rule for all clothing shopping, even if it is a good deal, if an item doesn't make you feel amazing, then it isn't worth it. Find the pair of jeans that make you feel like you can conquer the world. A pair you love having in your arsenal. 

And, of course, denim made in the U.S. is a major factor in the price. Since the denim is not only sewn here, it has been distressed/'vintage washed'; a lot of tender, love, and care have gone into that pair of jeans that will ensure those distressed marks hit at the exact right spot. The right denim is an staple investment piece in your closet. Something to be looked at as a wardrobe staple you will wear for the next few years.  

Midge sells AG's because they really do their homework when it comes to making a jean comfortable and livable. Known for fitting all body types, not just the statuesque model, they are known to work well with curves. Their fabrics are extremely soft, utilizing the "vintage" wash concept that will age the denim for you... unlike the olden days, you don't have to break them in yourself. The compositions will vary, some will have more stretch appeal, while others will feel more like a classic denim. AG also introduced a signature revolutionary fabric called Contour 360, which is described below. This state of the art fabric has spring boarded campaigns for yogis and ballerinas alike, demonstrating the extreme flexibility, while also maintaining the shape of the denim for many wears to come. 

"AG has revolutionized denim with their exclusive Contour 360 fabric, a perfect blend of timeless aesthetic and full-motion stretch. Crafted using the world’s most innovative textile technology, this material honors the body with an unlimited range of movement and flexibility. Recovery of nearly 90 percent in both directions ensures a silhouette that retains impeccable form."

To understand the value, you really have to try a pair on. Disclaimer: your go to yoga pants might get jealous. We are loaded up with lots of new styles for fall, including a pair of the signature Contour 360 collection. We are here to help you find the perfect denim investment for your lifestyle.